The team here at Chasmont understand that the holiday season can be expensive and stressful so we have come up with special finance package enabling you to borrow from $500 to $1500.

We have set the maximum term on these at 11 Months so the finance is all finished before the same time next year, no carrying debt forward.

We have also reduced our booking fee to make them even more affordable.

Holiday Finance Packages Examples

  • $500.00 with repayments from $14.96 per week.
  • $750.00 with repayments from $20.75 per week.
  • $1,000.00 with repayments from $26.55 per week.
  • $1,500.00 with repayments from $38.13 per week.



You must apply online and choose the Purpose as: "Holiday Finance 11 Month Special".


You can sign in person at our office or if you have a smart phone, tablet or PC with internet access you may be eligible to use our electronic signing.

Special Terms

  • You must prove affordability.  For this we will require one or more of the following: bank statements, payslips or electronic bank verification.
  • You must provide security that exceeds the value of the finance.  Acceptable security includes: Vehicles, Modern Electronics, Furniture (excluding bedroom furniture).
  • Repayment will be by Direct Debit unless agreed to by Chasmont.
  • All funds will be paid by Direct Credit into your nominated verified bank account.


Early Repayment

We never charge early repayment penalties as we think it is unfair to penalise good payers!  Whether you choose to pay extra each payment or pay a lump sum you will save on interest and costs.

Terms, Rates & Costs

Interest Rates
Standard Range: 16.95-21.95%

Extablishment/Booking Fee
Booking and Document Fee: $95.00
Security Search and Registration Fee: $15.00

Monthly Account Software and Statement Charge
Email Statements and Monthly Account Fee: $3.50

Refinance and Withdrawal Fees
Refinance/Restructure Fee: $75.00-$150.00
Withdrawal Fees (if you intend to withdrawal multiple time choose a flex account) $75.00

Default Interest Rate
Default interest is charged at 10% over the standard rate

Letter and General Account Fees – All Accounts
Reminder Letter $5.00
Payment Amendment $10.00
Payment Default Letter $15.00
Account in Default Letter $15.00
Security Amendment Documentation Fee $30.00
Repossession Warning Notice $30.00
Repossession Warrant $90.00
Collections Text Message $0.50
Collections Email Message $2.50
Chattel Check Cost $45.00