Chasmont’s new Flex-Account allows you the ability to borrow with amazing flexibility.  

Each account has an agreed set limit and minimum repayment.  You can borrow the difference between the balance and the limit any time you want.  It is also great if you are working to a budget as you know the required payment for the life of the account.  

Our Flex-Accounts are available from $500 to $2,500 and are available as secured or un-secured (at a higher interest rate). 

Common used for our flex accounts are unexpected bills, vehicle repair costs or travel.  With our Flex-Account you can get pre-approval and draw down the funds when you need them. 

Flex-Account Benefits:

Max repayment period if you don’t borrow is around 24 Months.

If you pay the account off there are no ongoing fees to have the account open and available.

Rapid access to funds no questions asked while within your credit limit.

Great when you have a vehicle repair cost or unexpected bill.

Payment Protection Insurance 

Chasmont has negotiated its own unique Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). 

Our Cover:

Full Cover for people in employment (over 10 hrs per week).

12 Months Redundancy Cover up to $2,500.

Injury and Illness cover after 1 week off work backdated to day one.

Terminal Illness.

Life Cover.

Pre-existing Conditions

Cover from day one if you have not sought treatment or medical advice in the 6 months prior to the loan date

Each Flex-Account has mandatory Payment Protection Insurance. 

For the full terms and conditions relating to the Flex-Account click here 

For the Payment Protection Details cover details please contact us. 

 *Rates, Approval and Lending Limits Apply, Rapid access only apply to accounts without arrears. 

Terms, Rates & Costs

Interest Rates
Low Risk: 16.95%
Medium Risk: 19.95%
High Risk: 22.95%

Establishment / Booking Fee $240.00
Security Search and Registration Fee $15.00
Refinance / Restructure Fee: $240.00

Monthly Account Software and Statement Charge
Email Statements: $2.50
Posted Statements: $3.50

Withdrawal Fees
Up to $199.00: $35.00
From $200.00 to $499.00: $55.00
Over $500.00: $75.00

Default Interest Rate

Default interest is charged at 10% over the standard rate

Letter and General Account Fees – All Accounts

Reminder Letter $5.00
Payment Amendment $10.00
Payment Default Letter $15.00
Account in Default Letter $15.00
Security Amendment Documentation Fee $30.00
Repossession Warning Notice $30.00
Repossession Warrant $90.00