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Anti-Money Laundering and counter Financing Terrorism Act 2009 Information

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Act 2009

How this act affects you

The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 ("the Act") came into effect on 30 June 2013. All banks and most financial institutions across New Zealand need to make sure that they comply with the Act.

At Chasmont Finance we’re taking this new Act seriously and we are committed to preventing our services and systems from being misused for any criminal activities.

Here's some information about the Act and how it could affect you:

The Act means we need to collect extra information from you and potentially anyone who is acting on yourbehalf. For example, You may need to provide us with identity such as your passport, birth certificate or driver’s licence, as well as document confirming your address.

Examples where this information will be required include:

Acceptable Identification:

Primary Identification

You must provide one form of primary photographic (photo) identification document (ID) this can be:

Alternative Identification (if you have no Primary Identification):

You must provide one form of primary non-photo ID AND one form of supporting photo ID. These can be:

Primary non-photo ID

AND Supporting photo ID

Proof of address

Situations where additional proof / information may be required to be collected

Additional Proof or Information that we may request

PLEASE NOTE: It is not our intention to complicate or slow the process of lending but we must comply with the law. If you can not provide us with the required information then it may delay our decision making or we may need to report our dealings as a suspicion transaction as required by the act.