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Costs, Fees and Rates

In this section you will find out about our costs, fees and rates for all of our account types. It’s important to note that interest rate ranges are sometimes negotiable depending on certain circumstances i.e. high value security, payment protection insurance or your history with us. Don’t just assume the rate you will get, ask!

We rate our loans by risk in from Low to High. To help us decide we look at the following factors:

  • Level of security
  • Quality of employment
  • Credit Rating
  • Age
  • Income
  • Outgoings

Interest Rates 13.95% - 22.95%
Establishment/Booking Fee
Security Search and Registration Fee $15.00
Monthly Account Software and Statement Charge
Withdrawal Fees
Up to $500.00 $70.00
Over $500.00 $150.00

Interest Rates 13.95% - 18.95%

Extablishment/Booking Fee
Booking Fee $200.00
Dealer/Broker Fee Up to $300
Security Search and Registration Fee: $15.00

Monthly Account Software and Statement Charge: $3.50

Interest Rates 0% - 21.95%
Establishment / Booking Fee $200.00
Security Registration Fee $10.00
Monthly Account Software and Statement Charge $3.50

Default interest is charged at 10% over the standard rate

Reminder Sms $0.50
Reminder Letter $5.00
Payment Default Letter $10.00
Security Registration and Search Fee $15.00
Repossession Warning Notice $30.00
Repossession Warrant $90.00
Agent Visit Documentation $55.00
Recovery Fees As per external costs
Discretionary Fees
Security Amendment Administration Fee $25.00
Loan Variation Fee Up to $150.00
*We may vary these charges from time to time at our discretion.